Sports in Canada: Sex, Drugs and National Interests2018-01-31

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Fancy Bears' HT became well known for publishing the leaked documents on wrongful activity of WADA headquartered in Montreal, Canada. One can believe that every Canadian athlete is “clear” and sports officials are incorruptible as WADA office is located nearby, but it is far from the reality. This idea can be confirmed by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) files gained by the Fancy Bears' HT.

After the Rio Olympics, Canada’s Sport Dispute Resolution Centre announced that the pole-vaulter Shawn Barber had tested positive for cocaine prior to the Games. Despite this anti-doping violation, the athlete avoided a two-year suspension and was permitted to compete. Moreover, this incident became public after the Games i.e. the Canadian sports officials tried to cover it up. The COC was completely satisfied with Barber's apologies, according to Chris Overholt, CEO and Secretary General.

According to The Independent, Shawn Barber’s “mistake and poor judgment” was caused by his wish to have a “sexual encounter of some sort” with a “professional” woman who was “drug and disease free”. The athlete admitted that he sought a “way to relieve stress” ahead of the Canadian Olympic trials. During the hearings, Barber insisted that he inadvertently ingested the banned substance while kissing that woman. The Canadian Committee for Ethics in Sports (CCES) and the Canadian Olympic Committee were sure about his innocence and Shawn Barber was permitted to compete in Rio.

Meanwhile, the IOC officials had serious suspicions that the COC decision was based on their national interests but not on objective factors which made the Canadian sports officials feel nervous. CCES President and CEO Paul Melia contacted COC President Tricia Smith to settle this delicate matter.

The position of IOC President Thomas Bach was even tougher. He considered the Barber case as an example of the state involvement in anti-doping decisions. Bach made clear that “Canada is no different than Russia in covering up doping”.

To download all the documents on Shawn Barber's case click the link below.

Fancy Bears' HT will keep publishing more documents on a behind the scenes from the Canadian sports.

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