Meet Sarah Storey, One of the Most Influential Women
in Canada 2014 and Another Corrupt Official in Sports2018-03-13

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Fancy Bears’ Hack Team continues its series of leaks concerning the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC).

Elite sport is often associated with corruption. It makes sense as enormous amounts of funds are difficult to supervise and therefore often attract dishonest people among those who head national sports federations and national Olympic committees. They are lining their own pockets and making useful acquaintances with influential businessmen who consider elite sport as another source of profit. Unfortunately, these corrupt sports officials are also responsible for upholding the principles of fair play.

We gained access to the documents which confirm that a Canadian lawyer Sarah Storey had become President of Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton (BCS) due to dubious manipulations.

Sarah Storey is the daughter of Robert H. Storey, a Canadian bobsledder and a former president of the BCS and the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation. She is a lawyer specializing in sport, communication and intellectual property. She served as Vice President of the BCS for two years. In 2013, she used her rank to make changes of the BCS Bylaws. The amendments which were found to be contrary to the Canadian legislation gave Sarah Storey the advantage at the 2014 President Election by making her the only possible candidate. By the way, after her controversial election win the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) put her in the list of the most influential women of 2014.

Once elected, Sarah Storey has been abusing her authority. Thus, in 2017, she forced some elite Canadian skeleton and bobsleigh athletes to pay substantial fees in order to compete in the qualifying races for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. It looks as if she considers the BCS as her own business without declaring any information about these contributions to the federation’s budget though.

As you can see from the documents leaked by Fancy Bears’ HT the Canadian sport is far from being clean.

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