U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Staff Emails2016-10-06

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We keep on fighting for clean competition. We've got a few emails of the US sports officials who are involved in covering up doping. Today we start publishing USADA science director Dr. Matthew Fedoruk's emails.

Level of Anti-Doping Rule Violations by American Athletes

The correspondence between Dr. Fedoruk and Dana Leenheer, TUE&Drug Reference Specialist, reveals that USADA covers up many athletes using prohibited substances. As evidence, see the table containing the data of more than 200 American athletes who have USADA and other organizations' permission to take banned drugs.

According to Dr. Fedoruk's files, in 2015, five sports, i.e. cycling, track&field, triathlon, swimming and ski/snow, were marked with the largest number of TUE certificates issued to American athletes:

Only in 2015, 583 TUE certificates on various banned drugs were granted to them. Many athletes are allowed to use more than one type of substances.

American Paralympic Athletes Use Doping Substances

Among others, the US Paralympic athletes take prohibited drugs. Look at their TUE reports.

Abigail Dunkin, a member of the US Women's wheelchair basketball team, Rio gold medalist. Midodrine – USADA TUE.

Jennifer Polst, a member of the US Women's wheelchair basketball team, Rio gold medalist. Spironolactone – TUE.

Seth Jahn, an American paralympic soccer player. Testosterone – TUE.

Matt Lesperance, a member of the US Men's wheelchair basketball team. Testosterone – TUE.

Will Waller, a member of the US Men's wheelchair basketball team, 2012 Paralympics bronze medalist. He has used hydronolone and got injected with cortisone. These substances contain glucocorticoids.

USADA Staff Is Incompetent

Some of Dr. Fedoruk's emails show USADA team's low level of qualification. Below is a remark about the US anti-doping agency from the Dutch Paralympic team's chief medical officer.

USADA Covers up Anti-Doping Rule Violations

Dr. Fedoruk is aware of American and other athletes' genuine drug tests cover up as well as of the use of banned substances under the guise of sports nutrition.

The email below reveals that American swimmer Pace Clark's sample has an elevated T/E. But instead of disqualifying him USADA requests to review the athlete and balance out any inconsistencies.

The next email is about some failed attempts to test Anton Kriukov, Ukrainian weightlifter, at Rio Paralympic Games. For the record, he was not sanctioned.

Below you may see officials discussing an opportunity for American athletes to use a hemp protein powder.

Here is the chemical analysis finding. Geeked Pre Workout Powder sports nutrition used by American athletes contains a banned substance.

Geeked Pre Workout sports nutrition chemical analysis results

We will keep posting private correspondence of sports officials and exposing the truth about doping athletes. Stay tuned for new leaks.

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